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BIOPROTECTUS™ System can help protect healthcare doctors, patients, and staff

If one wide body jet crashed every day in the United States, how many of us would be willing to get on a plane? This is the equivalent number of deaths occurring everyday in US hospitals linked to healthcare associated infections (HAIs). It is estimated that 1 in 20 patients in hospital will acquire an HAI. Of the nearly 2 million patients impacted by HAIs each year, approximately 100,000 will die from these infections. If you combine the number of deaths caused by breast cancer, HIV, and auto accidents, HAIs still kills more people every year. Hospitals are faced with a unique problem when it comes to the presence of harmful microorganisms. Cleaning staff can clean the same surface, like a door handle, every hour, but within that hour hundreds of sick patients or healthy doctors/nurses/medical assistants could have touched that door handle. Thus the risk of spreading germs is high. Hospitals, medical practices, clinics and everyone involved in the Healthcare Industry is aware of the need to disinfect. They are also the individuals who need to be protected from dangerous bacteria and viruses. Exam tables, medical equipment, etc. all need to be cleaned and disinfected regularly. The examples are endless to the amount of double and even triple work being performed to maintain the protocols set forth. However, modern cleaning protocols do not offer lasting protection. BIOPROTECTUS™ System helps solves that problem.

BIOPROTECTUS™ System protects surfaces that doctors, nurses, hospital staff, patients and more may come into contact with. The BIOPROTECTUS™ System offers surfaces long-term protection from a wide array of harmful microorganisms (from MRSA, c-diff, norovirus, staph aureus, tuberculosis, HIV, influenza, hepatitis A-B-C, and corona). We recognize there are no silver bullets in the world of infection control and that the problem is complicated and will require more than one solution. BIOPROTECTUS™ System is part of a layered approach that focuses on the methods of transmission - air, surfaces, laundry, and hands/direct contact.

Microbes Spread on Surfaces

  • Individuals that travel throughout the hospital will touch various surfaces and may spread germs
  • Thus, surfaces must be cleaned regularly

Microbes Spread in the Air

  • Air particulate is a means of transmission that is largely ignored
  • ASHRAE notes that particles smaller than .3 microns can stay suspended in the air indefinitely
Protection in Action

How the BIOPROTECTUS System protects your medical staff and patients

  • The BIOPROTECTUS System removes possibilities of failure by creating a system that works persistently and efficiently.
  • The BIOPROTECTUS System uses brilliant technology that works continuously and is meant to greatly enhance the efforts of your hygiene, cleaning, and janitorial staff or team.
  • The BIOPROTECTUS System uses simple products that are easy to use thus greatly reducing human error.
The Facts


  • Lasts 90 days
  • Easy to apply
  • Non leaching technology
  • Works with most cleaning systems
  • Works in Laundry solutions
  • 22 month Hospital study shows 21% reduction in HAIs
  • Persistent and efficient level of protection
  • Risk reduction
  • Remove human error in cleaning
  • Food Safe Label

Easy to Apply BIOPROTECT

  • FDA compliant hand sanitizers
  • High end hand sanitizers focused on hygiene and skin care
  • Ability to incorporate BioProtect technology into hand sanitizer
  • Studies show HAI reductions from 20% using a good hand hygiene program

The BIOPROTECTUS System is an environmentally responsible cleaning program that protects surfaces from harmful germs, bacteria, and viruses.

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