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Our History

About the USCG

The USCG was founded in 1992 and continues to serve as a vendor for national waste and recycling management. In 2020, the USCG became an Authorized Distributor of the BIOPROTECTUS™ system. We believe this system of products to be revolutionary for its ability to keep almost any surface free of a large variety of dangerous microbes. The outbreak of COVID-19 or coronavirus further inspired USCG’s President to quickly create a means of providing this to his community and current customer base including hospitals, school districts, etc. to better protect and reduce the spread of illness causing germs and microbes. Today, this miraculous product line can be utilized to protect a variety of industries from many dangerous microbes.

The Scientist

Dr. Curtis White, PhD

Dr White, often denoted as the “godfather of antimicrobials,” is the developer and creator of BIOPROTECT™ Generation one molecule. Dr. White has been involved in the research, development, registration, and commercialization of antimicrobial agents since 1962 as a teacher and employee at Dow Chemical, F. Jos Lamb, Dow Corning, Aegis, and currently is the Chief Technology Officer of ViaClean Technologies, LLC. Dr. White is recognized as a leader and the understanding in control of microbial problems on substrates, in products, and in the indoor environment. He has over 50 patents and 200 plus technical, trade, and standard organizations, papers, and presentations.

The System

A ViaClean Technologies Product

The USCG is an authorized ViaClean distributor of BIOPROTECT™ and the BIOPROTECTUS™ System.

The BIOPROTECTUS System is an environmentally responsible cleaning program that protects surfaces from harmful germs, bacteria, and viruses.

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