Protect Yourself from Illness causing Microbes

Our BIOPROTECTUS™ System is the clean, reliable, persistent, environmentally friendly solution you need to help prevent the spread of dangerous microbes.


Quickly and efficiently the bio-protect system can be applied to offer you unmatched protection.

Safe for Commercial and Residential Use

Without using heavy metals or poisons, Bio-Protect can safely be applied to a wide variety of surfaces ranging from hospital equipment to your kitchen countertops.

Simple & Easy

3 Step Process!

We can provide you with all the instruction you need to apply our unique BIOPROTECT™ product to your countertops, door handles, and more!


What is it?

Current cleaning solutions can be harsh chemicals filled with heavy metals, poisons, etc. that are not only harmful to dangerous microorganisms but humans as well. The BIOPROTECTUS System is a highly efficient and effective microbial control systems that helps reduce and control the population (dose) and spread (transfer) of microorganisms on various surfaces. This patented product is safe and effective.


How does it work?

The revolutionary BIOPROTECTUS system forms a covalent bond with the surface being treated. Once treated, the BIOPROTECTUS system creates a durable anti-microbial protective layer that has microscopic spikes that attract bacteria and rupture their cells’ membrane on contact.


Why use it?

If applied correctly, our product can protect your surfaces for up to 90 days (and in some instances much much longer!). It helps protect you from the below list of microbes.

  • Odor Causing Bacteria
  • Bacteria which cause staining/discoloration
  • Fungi (mold & mildew)
  • Algae
  • And more!

The BIOPROTECTUS System is an environmentally responsible cleaning program that protects surfaces.